=ban <@user> [reason]
Ban a user.

=unban <@user>
Unban a user.

=mute <@user> [reason]
Mute a user.

=unmute <@user>
Unmute a user.

=kick <@user> [reason]
Kick a user.

=warn <@user> [reason]
Warn a user.

=warns  [clear] <@user>
List of warning(s) of a user.

=modelogs <@user>
List of any action performed on a user.

Change the prefix.

Reset changes.

=djrole <@role>
Add/Change a dj role.

=lang <en/fr>
Change the bot language.

=warnconfig <limit/type/disable>Ban / kick a user after a certain number of warns automatically.

=announce <ban/join/leave> <remove/your message>
Customize a ban / welcome / departing message….

=autorole <@role/off>
Add a role to a member who joins the server.

Add/Play music.

Switch to the other sound.

Connect the bot to the voice room.

=lyrics <name music + autor>
Look for the lyrics of a music.

Pause the music.

=volume <sound volume number /100>
Change the volume.

=bass <bass number volume /400>
Increase/Reduce bass.

Disconnect the bot.

Toss the tail.

See the contents of the tail.

Send a cat GIF.

Send a dog GIF.

Send a nsfw GIF.

Put a message in embed.

Send a stonks GIF.

=roll [limit]
Generate a random number.

Send a “c fun” GIF.

=bingo [number between 0 and 100]
Play Bingo.   

=fakeban <@user>
Ban a user for fake.



=info <@user/id> 
Info(s) about a server or user.

Send a message with the summary of all orders.

=base64 <encode/decode> <your message>
Encode or decode a message.

=ombd <movie/series title>
Send details of a movie or series.

=search <your message>
Perform a search.

=afk [reason]
Send a message when you are AFK and give the reason.

Allows you to get the bot invitation link.


=<command> -help
Used to have more information on an order. (To be put in the same message of the command concerned).

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